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Spin-offs of our chair


Geospin employs specialized Big-Data-methods to optimize location-based services, such as carsharing and public transportation. Additionally, Geospin analyses can support a wide range of corporate decisions with a geo-spatial component, such as the optimization of store networks, customer data analysis, and ad campaigns. Geospin uses methods that are tailored to the specific problem, link internal company data with exogenous data sources (such as traffic, points of interest or demographics) to generate novel insights.

As a result, the Geospin analyses enable companies, to effectively handle the demand for their services, to efficiently use company resources, and to avoid investing time and money into trial-and-error techniques. The analyses are based on methods that have received several scientific awards while Geospin itself was also awarded several prizes at start-up competitions.

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Data Analytics Services

The Information Systems Research Institute of the University of Freiburg offers interested companies expert advice on the use of statistical concepts and methods. If desired, we also perform independent data analyses. In particular in the fields of financial market research, energy markets, sustainability, social media and geographical analysis, the institute has demonstrated its competence by numerous publications and industry collaborations.

Our experienced and diversified team ensures that a wide range of analyses can be performed and that the latest findings and methods from methodological research can be applied.

We have successfully supported corporations on the following topics

  • Geo-analysis: location optimization for an international car sharing provider
  • News-analysis: collaboration to understand how investors process financial disclosures with a leading newswire
  • Engineering: prediction of expected shop visits of jet engines with a worldwide global player for engine manufacturing
  • Healthcare: assessment of patient care and treatment quality


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