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Research Focus

  • Big Data has developed into an integral part of socio-economic life. While we are clearly dedicated to our methodological backbone of big data analytics, we strive for academic excellence through interdisciplinary research teams with researchers from fields as diverse as informatics, economics, information systems, business, law or electrical engineering.

    Big Data is a term for the encreasing set of information in all parts of society, economy and science. These digital stored data, that exceeded the worldwide amount of a zettabyte, usually are characterized through four V‘s: According to this big data is a massive continously growing data volume up to the amount of tera or peta, that are presented in various formats (e.g. text, video, structured data) (variety) and can  change within milliseconds (velocity). Typically the quality of data varies greatly, so the usage is complicated (veracity).

    For many applications like social networks (e.g. twitter, instagram), sensory data (like RFID, smart metering)  or population registration (e.g. census) there accrue data, that fit to the definition of big data. The analysis of this huge data amount clearly creates great opportunities in all parts of life. Also from the viewpoint of methodology, big data can be seen as a new research paradigm, as decisions can be token based on data alone, without any base of a theory. However, big data analysis is a big challenge for economy informatics, because on the one hand there are required algorithms that can meet huge heterogenous data sets. On the other hand it is necessary to be ensured that the relation between the captured data is not random but causal.


  • Our research focuses on applying data analytics, such as machine learning approaches, to big data problems

   - The focus of our Smart Cities & Industries Group 

   - The focus of our Social Computing & Finance Group

Numerous best paper awards, high-profile publications, rankings and prestigious scholarships for our PhD students reflect our focus on academic excellence. At the same time, two spin-offs from our chair, Geospin and TonalityTech, reflect our mission to generate societal impact by developing marketable solutions based on our research.