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Smart Cities & Industries (SCI) Group


The research of the Smart Cities and Industries (SCI) group at the chair for information systems research focuses on the digital transformation of cities and businesses. The group develops innovative tools based on data analytics to support management decisions in both the private and public sector. The tools are based on advanced analytics (descriptive, predictive, prescriptive) and optimization techniques (linear, nonlinear, and dynamic programming). Additionally, the group utilizes methods from spatial statistics and econometrics to capture the spatial nature of urban infrastructures. The overarching goal of the research is to foster economic, ecological, and social sustainability as well as to enable effective governance.

In the research area Smart Cities, the group focuses on improving management and operation of urban infrastructures, particularly energy systems, transportation systems and buildings. The group thereby puts an emphasis on spatial analyses and optimization techniques. Moreover, the group investigates how open data can reveal insights about neighborhoods, for instance to foster social innovation or to fight crime. An overview of current and past research projects in the Smart Cities research area can be found here.

In the area Smart Industries, the group investigates how communication, decentralization, and automation enabled by the Industry 4.0 and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) can improve industrial processes. The group develops decision support systems and solutions for more efficient resource allocation based on advanced analytics and machine learning. An overview of current and past research projects in the Smart Industries research areas can be found here.

Spin-off: Geospin - Geospatial Intelligence

Geospin is a spin-off project that is currently being funded by the EXIST program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Union. It will market geospatial analytics solutions that have been developed within SCI at the Chair for Information Systems Research. More Information can be found at the website of Geospin.

Berkeley Cooperation

In 2014, a cooperation on energy research with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, was established. Since then, two Ph.D. students and two Master’s students have been able to work on their research projects in Berkeley. More information on their projects and stories can be found here.

Group Leadership


Gunther Gust, Dr.

Members of Research Group

Simon Albrecht

Simon Albrecht, M.Sc.
Area: Energy

Marie-Louise Arlt

Marie-Louise Arlt, Dr.
Area: Energy

Janis Brammer

Janis Brammer, M.Sc.
Area: Industrial Big Data


Christoph Willing, M.Sc.

Area: Mobility


Niklas Goby, M.Sc. 
Area: Industrial Big Data

Alexander Schlüter

Alexander Schlüter, M.Sc.
Area: Energy

Markus Rosenfelder

Markus Rosenfelder, M.Sc.
Area: Smart Cities

Matthias Ruß

Matthias Ruß, M.Sc.
Area: Mobility




Affiliated Members


Dr. Johannes Bendler


Dr. Tobias Brandt
Rotterdam School of Management, Geospin


Dr. Sebastian Wagner

Oliver Dlugosch

Dr. Oliver Dlugosch
Area: Mobility

Industry Partners

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