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Theses (diploma or master thesis) are usually done within the framework of research projects. In this way, current research questions from the fields of Information Systems Research, Service-Oriented Computing, Complex Systems & Emergent Behavior, Green Technology and Market Engineering – both purely theoretical in nature, as well as with high practical relevance – are deeply and comprehensively formed and solutions are developed. Right here is the excellent opportunity to further develop teamwork and problem solving skills and with them acquire key qualifications at the intersection of Business Studies and Internal Control Systems.

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Assignment Procedures

The assignment of Bachelor and Master theses is performed on a quarterly basis (1.2., 1.5.,1.8. and 1.11.). An individual start date could be arranged only in exceptional cases. The available places are assigned according to the candidates' qualification. Hence, it’s necessary to add transcript of records and curriculum vitae to your application. Also, please explain your field of interest as well as your background knowledge thereof in a short letter of motivation. Most importantly, don’t forget to relate it to the lectures and seminars of this chair that you took part in. Send your application to Then, you will receive a confirmation and a notification of the date until which the outcome of your application will be decided.

Repeated applications for theses of the same degree are not possible, i.e each applicant can apply only once for a Bachelor's or Master's thesis. Admissions are still valid even if the work is to be started at a later date.


Tips for Writing Bachelor's and Master's Theses

Many useful tips for writing Bachelor's and Master's theses can be found in this PDF file.


Thesis in Business

In principle, we also supervise topics that you want to construct in collaboration with or for your identified company. However, such topics should always be considered for each individual case, of whether the topic of your practice partner also complies with scientific requirements, and whether a meaningful cooperation mode between student, company and research chair can be found. If you are planning such work, then we also ask to register with the relevant documents at the department, so that we can check whether we can oversee it.



It is hereby expressly stated that in preparing theses and dissertations it is important to make sure to leave specifications of the sources included in the examination paper, should content from previous work have been taken. Content with no source description identified, shall be regarded as plagiarism.

We make it clear that plagiarism discovered by the Examination Board is dealt with severely. In particularly severe cases, the Examination Board evaluates the entire subject, for which the work was submitted, as definitively failed.


Guidelines for Theses

We support students by offering templates for scientific work of any kind (term papers, Bachelor, Master, Diploma) .