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Recognition of External Studies

For any concerns regarding the recognition of external studies, please contact our secretary's office!


Please note the following points when submitting the appropriate form from the Examination Office with us, for academic credits that were provided outside of your economics degree at the University of Freiburg:


  • Explain briefly, for which course from our course offerings you want the outside performance to get credited for (including the reasonable number of credit points, should it not be indicated by the course). If we do not offer a study course that corresponds to the completed course, but you are still of the opinion that it fits thematically and also qualifies as an Information Systems elective, then please briefly explain this as well.


  • Please attach the following documents on the content of outside courses, we can begin processing your application when all the mentioned documents are enclosed:
    • Outline of the course
    • Literature list of the course
    • Proof of the number of hours per week
    • Proof of the level of the course (e.g. Bachelor or Master)
    • Any other documentation that may be helpful in making a decision (e.g. slides, notes, homework, term papers, exam questions...)


  • Seminars can be recognized if the course required a clear, individualized performance record (no group work). The assignment should have a length of about 12 to 20 pages and should deal with a challenging relevant topic. Please attach the seminar paper in this case.


  • Remember to enclose a copy of the transcript of grades. It must indicate that the course has been passed. Courses that require no performance certificate or were not passed cannot be counted.